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Tapis-Rouge - Room 104 :Our Red Carpet press cover at Cinespia Hollywood Forever Cemetary

  • Par Novias, Cinespia at Hollywood Forever Cemetary, le 27 juillet 2017

    ROOM 104, the all-new half-hour anthology series from Jay and Mark Duplass, tells assorted tales of the various characters who pass through a single room of an average American motel. Embracing the idea that "the banal" can be a most interesting place if you stop and take a look, each of the season's 12 episodes tells a different story, as the room stays the same everything else – the tone, the plot, the characters, even the time period – changes.

    Our website was present to cover the Red Carpet at Cinespia Hollywood Forever Cemetary. During this event, we had the luck to make a lot of great interviews :

    ITW Sameerah Luqmaan Harris

    ITW Brian Hostenske

    ITW Marta Cunningham

    ITW Megan Griffiths

    ITW Poorna Jagannathan

    ITW Will Tranfo

    ITW Davie Blue

    ITW Veronica Falcón

    ITW Konstantin Lavysh

    ITW Dayna Hanson

    ITW Karan Soni

    ITW Sarah Adina Smith

    ITW Adam Foster

    Episod 01: Ralphie (Sarah Adina Smith; Mark Duplass)
    Episod 02 : Pizza Boy (Patrick Brice; Mark Duplass)
    Episod 03 : The Knockadoo (Sarah Adina Smith; Carson Mell)
    Episod 04 : I Knew You Weren't Dead (So Yong Kim; Mark Duplass)
    Episod 05 : The Internet (Doug Emmett;Mark Duplass)
    Episod 06 : Voyeurs (Dayna Hanson)
    Episod 07 : The Missionaries (Megan Griffiths; Mark Duplass)
    Episod 08 : Phoenix (Ross Partridge; Xan Aranda et Ross Partridge)
    Episod 09 : Boris (Chad Hartigan; Ross Partridge)
    Episod 10: Red Tent (Anna Boden& Ryan Fleck)
    Episod 11 : The Fight (Megan Griffiths; Mark Duplass )
    Episoo 12 : My love (Marta Cunningham; Mark Duplass)

    Room 104
    Creator/Executive Producer Mark Duplas and Jay Duplas
    Executive Producer Xan Aranda and Sydney Fleischmann
    Casting : James Van Der Beek (Scott), Clark Duke (Jarod), Melanie Diaz (Meg), Ethan & Gavin Kent (Ralph & Ralphie), Veronica Falcon (Rose), Brian Hostenske (Josh), Poorna Jagannathan (Divya), Orlando Jones (Samuel), Sameerah Luqmaan-Harris (Deborah), Natalie Morgan (Greta)

    Photos and videos : Novias and Whispertone (Joshua and Justin)

    An huge thanks to Alan Closier (OCS)